Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rainier Lions Club Board Meeting July 16, 2012

Several members of the Rainier Lions Club met for a board meeting at the Chinese Wok in Yelm, Monday night.  In attendance were:  Linda Lazelle, Bernice Beck, Ron Lind, Beverly Jolley, George and Linda Johnson.

We discussed the results of the STP mini-stop. What worked and what we could do better next year, if the Rainier Lions Club decides to do this again.  All in all, we lost money on this venture.  Rainier
Mayor, Randy, came to the booth.  George had a discussion with Randy about building a small concession stand in the park.  George will call and ask to be put on the next City Council meeting agenda.  Evan & George will make a presentation to the city.  This would benefit both Blue Grass and STP sales of food.

The next two topics discussed were the Peaches, Pears & Nectarine sales.  George will call the grower this week to find out how the fruit is ripening and when the projected delivery can be expected for the fruit.

The Rainier Blue Grass promotion and advertisement was discussed at great length.  George J. will contact radio stations.  Bev Jolley will contact Yelm Cinema's & Coffee News to place free ads.  There was an article in Destination Rainier about the Rainier Lions Club.  (Put out by the Nisqually News.)  George will get a copy and take it to the Olympia Newspaper to see if they want to run a story about the 20th anniversary of the Rainier Bluegrass Festival.

Several new fundraising ideas were presented by the various members, including having a "Beer Garden" at the Bluegrass Festival.  Ron Lind will look into the requirements for this.

Linda J.

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