Saturday, March 29, 2014

2014 Pine Wood Derby Open

The second annual Pine Wood Derby Open was held in the Rainier Elementary School Gym today.

There were 32 heats held until the top 3 in each category was determined.

The top three for the Cub Scouts are: #1 Nicholas Tichner, #2 Eli Smith, #3 Hunter Howell; Boy Scouts are: #1 Harbor Lees, #2 Scout Lees, #3 Lucas Gibson. The winners in the Open Division are:
#1 Brian Smith, #2 Bob Gibson, #3 Evette Gibson. The Scouts Best of Show prize went to Damien Green & the Open Best of Show prize went to Ashtyn Diamond.

The gym was packed. Parents and RHS students served hot dogs, chips, cake and drinks to the hungry, excited crowd.  

Lions Baskets for the Raffle

Before the crowd arrives - the RHS students prepare lunch.

RHS students serving food to the crowd.

Teri Rendahl& Julia Green.

Bud Green

KL George Johnson

Waiting & visiting together

Lions Raffle Tickets - for baskets.


Ida & Faith Boesch - raising more money for the playground.  They've raised almost $18,000 so far!!  GREAT JOB!!

Get your Hot Dogs, Chips & Drinks!


Scout cars & trophies

Scout Cars & Trophies

Signing in to race

The black & red car on the far left is a "skate board."  

More cars..........

Damion Greens, best of show on the far left

Here we go!

Rules of the races....


    Bud Green, George Johnson & Bob Gibson receiving their club Charter Membership certificates:

The long trek to the finish line.

District Scout Leader speaking to our community.

There they go!

The crowd getting watching another race.

Ashtyn's Best of Show Car (orange car on right).

The cars went by so fast, I missed my shot!  The cars are already past the finish line.

Scouts Best of Show:  Damion Green

Open Best of Show:  Ashtyn Diamond

The top Trophy winners left to right are: Eli Smith, Hunter Howell, Nicholas Tichner, Damion Green; Ashtyn Diamond & Harbor Lees.  Back Row:  Bob Gibson, Brian Smith & Eyvette Gibson.

List of all winners:
The top three for the Cub Scouts are: #1 Nicholas Tichner, #2 Eli Smith, #3 Hunter Howell; Boy Scouts are: #1 Harbor Lees, #2 Scout Lees, #3 Lucas Gibson. 

The winners in the Open Division are:  #1 Brian Smith, #2 Bob Gibson, #3 Evette Gibson. 
The Scouts Pine Wood Derby Best of Show prize went to Damien Green..  
The Pine Wood Derby Open Best of Show prize went to Ashtyn Diamond.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Minutes for Meeting 03-24-3014

Meeting Minutes received from Brenda Flaherty on 4/9/2014:

So sorry this took so long,
 Last meeting was sort of short .  Evan talked about family day,also about up coming fundraisers
Talked about the pinewood derby gave time and date, next road clean up.  Then the two seniors talked to us.  Told us about them selves, what thier goals are.  Some of the lions had questions for them.  

PS   I'm cooking dinner for the 14th.

George & I were not at Monday night's Lions Club meeting, as we were at a meeting at Saint Martin's College in Lacey.  We made arrangements prior to the meeting for Evan (Vice President) to run the meeting and Brenda (Secretary) to take minutes.  We haven't received minutes, but this is from Bernice Beck:


Two scholarship students and their parents attended.  Their presentations and questions/answers went very well.
Evan read the Officers for coming year.
Mentioned White Cane Days; Visitations for fruit; 2VDG debate Thurs evening; Family Fun Day April 19th 11 A.M-3PM; LERC (I think this was discussed after the meeting).
Linda Lazelle shared why she became a Rainier Lion and is still a Lion today.
Kay prepared a delicious dinner.  Brenda will prepare dinner for the next meeting.
That is all I can think of now.
Hope your evening was enjoyable and CONGRATULATIONS!!


The students were great and so were the parents. They all knew Kay and enjoyed the dinner so
they both put $5. in for Happy Bucks!  Glad you had a nice evening too.

We set the date for Family Day, kites and birdhouses for April 19th as that was the only Sat. I knew that somso you or Linda can get the word out, maybe a flyer to all the people in Rainier you know. 11 AM to 3 PM is what we decided for time.  We''l do ho tdogs & buns and maybe chips and a salad and drinks. Set up at 10 AM.


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Champions for Kids Award

Hi Lions,
George won an award at the Together! “Champions for Kids” award ceremony
that was held yesterday at Saint Martin’s College.  He was nominated by Tim
Garchow, Superintendent of Rainier Public Schools. 

After our first date, George sent me a bouquet of daisies.  He said “I would
have sent dandelions, because we’re both kid people, but florists don’t carry
dandelions.”  That’s when I knew he was the one.
George is very active in Rainier.  He is the President of the Rainier Lions Club,
a leader in TOGETHER’S! Rainier Community Cares Coalition and helped
found the Cub Scouts & Boy Scouts in Rainier.  He helps at the Rainier Emergency
Food Center, LERC, Rainier Senior Center, Rainier Community Garden and is
helping with the Rainier Elementary School Playground extension fundraiser. 
Linda Johnson

ALERT from Lions Club International

We received an important ALERT email from Lions Club International:

Dear Lion,
You may have received an email this morning (or you may yet receive it) allegedly from Lions President Barry Palmer stating that he is in Stockholm, Sweden and that he has misplaced his bag containing his wallet.  The email goes on to ask you for assistance. The email is a scam. Please delete the email.
Lions Clubs International & LCIF | 300 W. 22nd St. | Oak Brook, IL | 60523 | USA 

Sunday, March 23, 2014


MEAL 6:30 P.M.

Pledge of Allegiance
Vice KL Evan:  PRAYER

There are two primary choices in life. To accept conditions as they exists or accept the responsibility for changing them.” 
Denis Waitley

“I have not failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”
Tomas Edison

Vice KL Evan:

1.  Pine Wood Derby:  Mar 29th 1 PM in Rainier Elementary Gym (trophies cost $32.00 (George did to help interest in Scouts & offered to pay for the first 10 that respond – so far 12 non scout entrants.)
2.  White canes May 1st, 2nd & 3rd Bernice update
3.  Scholarship candidates:  Brenda
            Mariah Holmes

            Toni White
4.  Dinner for 5 May 14th:  Evan
5.  Spring Conference – Who’s going and what are we doing, if anything?  All clubs have been asked to bring a door prize.
6.  Road Clean Up – April 5 at 9 AM
7.  Club Officers:
            President:  Evan Burnett
            Vice President:  Bud Green
            Secretary:  George Johnson
            Treasurer:  Kay Bryant             
            Lion Tamer:  Walt Dohring
            Tail Twister:  Chris Beck
            Membership: Bernice Beck
8.  Zone Newsletter – Please feel free to submit articles to Randy Harris.
9.   Peaches, Pears & Nectarines – Vitiations.  Prices will stay the same $28 & $24.  Visitations:  Bernice, can you get a list of clubs that don’t meet in the summer, so we can contact them first?
10. Family Fun Day:  Chris & Walt p When, What are we doing – bird houses, kites, feeders???  Food.  Do we want to make the day an open house as well as have free hot dogs, etc.?
11. LERC this coming Thursday
12. Candidate debate:  Bernice where, what time and where.
13. Tail Twister


Together:  1st & 2nd Wed 5 PM City Hall
Rainier Community Gardens 1st Monday RHS

Senior Center Lunch:  Mon & Wed at noon - $2.50 each

City Council meets 2nd & 4th Tues at 7 PM

Rainier Community Cares – 1st & 2nd Wed. @ 2nd portable by RMS

Sportsman’s Club – 1st Mon @ 7PM

City Council – 2nd & 4th Tues. @ 7 PM

Rainier Food Bank:  Wed & Sat 9 – 12 noon

Historical Soc. – 3rd Thurs. @ 6:30 PM

Valley Heart Breakfast – last Saturday of the month Sat 9 – 11 AM – Free – menu varies - great food!


Mar 29:  Pine Wood Derby Open 1 PM Rainier Elementary School Gym

Mar 29:  Potato Bake Tacoma SW Lions 1-5 PM AMVETS Hall Tyler Street Tacoma, WA

Apr 5:  Hwy 507 Road clean-up 9 AM

Apr 11 & 12:  Zone Conference

Apr 11 & 12:  Pupper’s Pets Grand Opening

Support Our: Rainier Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts

Friday, March 21, 2014

Pupper's Pets - Surprise for Our Dogs

George and I stopped in at Pupper's Pets today.  We enjoy going in and visiting with the owner, Phyllis Darling.  She had a few new toys in her store today, so we bought our dogs a couple of toys.  

The first toy I picked out was a package of 2 Chuckit! "The Whistler" balls.  They love them; chewing and trading their balls with each other for hours.  What fun!  I told George we might have to hide their balls, so we could get some sleep tonight! 

Last night we gave our dogs almost empty peanut butter jars to lick.  We have to keep an eye on our dogs, so they don't chew the plastic jars and swallow the pieces.  Our dogs love peanut butter, so when I found peanut butter Nylabones, I was thrilled!  Riley and Buddy tore off to separate corners of the yard with their bones.  Now we don't have to save peanut butter jars for them.....  

We ran down to Tyee Vets after we left the pet store, to share the flyer about Pupper's Pets GRAND OPENING in Rainier, WA.  They said their patients rave about what a wonderful pet store it is!  Check out Pupper's Pets!  Tell them Linda & George sent you!

Pupper's Pets GRAND OPENING!!!!

Lacey Sunrise Lions Club Annual Pancake Breakfast!

Please join us this Saturday for the Lacey Sunrise Lions Club Annual Pancake Breakfast! North Thurston High School - 600 Sleater Kinney Rd. NE - 7 AM through 11 AM.

All you can eat pancakes, sausage, biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs, coffee and juice.

$8 Adults and $4 Children (12 and under)