Friday, January 29, 2016


It is with deep sadness and a heavy heart that we announce our resignation from the Rainier Lions club.  My last day was June 30, 2015.  George's last day will be January 31, 2016.  We wish the Rainier Lions Club well.

This is our last post on the Rainier Lions Club blog.  The Rainier Lions Club news will be migrating to the LCI e-clubhouse website, where they will have their own page.  


Linda & George Johnson

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Rainier Lions Club After Christmas Party at Emma's Grill

RLC President Evan Burnett & his wife Lucy on left.  Incoming President Tom Cook  and his wife Bobbie on the right.

Bob Gibson & his family on the left.  Jill Wilkinson and her family on the right.

Right to left at the table:  Juliette Pia, David Wuller, Linda Lazelle - facing them are Bruce and Trisha of Rossi Boots.

Bill & Terri Rendahl with their daughter, Dawn and her three children, Matthew, John and Autumn.  George and Linda Johnson in far left corner.

Tom Cook entertaining everyone with his guitar and oldies.  (We all sang along.  We sang "You Are My Sunshine" twice!

Rainier Lions Club Project Review Committee Recomendations

Activities and Project Review Committee

Jan 16, 2016

Tom Cook, Bernice Beck, Linda Lazelle (Bobbie Cook was present but did not vote)

     The committee met to review the current projects.  The process was to go through the calendar list of each project to make recommendations to the Rainier Lions board.  The committee decided to make two categories: recommendations (meaning there was a strong consensus in the committee) and suggestions (meaning the Lions club need to review and reconsider the donation or project)


1.   SCOUTING:  As the Lions club holds the charter to the scout group, there was discussion as to why the Lions were the ones organizing the Pine Wood Derby.  Recommendation: Lions would support….and even donate the $250, but should not be the ones purchasing the trophies nor be the primary organizer of the Pine Wood Derby
2.   FOOD DRIVE:  Consensus that the Lions not be the primary organizer of the Food Drive/Caroling project.   We will support and attend but not provide the overall leadership.

3.   HALLOWEEN IN THE PARK:  Again there was a discussion as to which group is the primary organizer.  The consensus was that the Lions not be the overall leader.  There was question as to what the $200 in the budget was allocated for.  The committee did state that if someone in the Lions still desired to be the event leader, that was fine, however, the Lions will not be the overall “sponsor.”

4.   PROJECT NEW HOPE:  Upon reviewing the budget items, it is the recommendation that the $1,000 for Project New Hope be reduced to a much smaller amount.

5.   WHITE CANES:  Due to lack of volunteers, it is recommended that unless someone steps up to take on this project, that the club simply donates an amount of funds to the While Canes project.


1.   Because of the “overlapping” of various events…. That have several partnerships, it is a suggestion by the committee that leadership/responsibility be clearly defined.

2.   The committee realized that this was not a “budget meeting” however the following budget items were identified as amounts that need further review to reduce the amount or end all together:
  • Fire Auxiliary - $250
  • Community Garden - $250
  • Hooved Animals -  $250
  • Scouts   $500   (not sure how funds were used)

Respectfully submitted,
Activities and Project Review Committee

Rainier Lions Club Minutes for January 25, 2016

Minutes – January 25, 2016
Rainier Lions Club
Rainier Chapel, Rainier, WA

Attendance:   Spanapark Lions Suzanne Gayda and Dana Reynolds; President Evan Burnett, George Johnson, Art Runyan, Linda Lazelle, Tom and Bobbie Cook, Chris and Bernice Beck, Dawn Kenney and daughter Autumn Kenney. 

PZC Donna Murr, Lacey Sunrise Lions, was unable to make a visitation.
Linda Lazelle served snacks and drinks.

After introductions, Suzanne Gayda announced their Club’s 19th Benefit Bowling Classic held at Pacific Lanes, 7012 D ST, Tacoma on Sunday, March 20, 2016.  Check in at 11:00, bowling starts at 12 Noon.  Price is $25 per person (includes shoes) prepaid, $30 at the door; $15 / kids 12 and under.  The Daffodil Royal Court is featured.  A silent auction is included as well as many door prizes, a dessert auction and raffle items. 

Dana Reynolds spoke next.  Dana is a teacher at Thompson Elementary in Spanaway.  Dana travels to Peru working with ‘Hands of Hope’ – whose mission is to give entire communities the sustainable tools they need to feed families, educate children, improve health and become economically self-sufficient.  The Rainier Lions have donated to HOH through Dana for a number of years.  Dana will be back to speak to our Club in April or May.

Autumn Kenney informed us of her efforts to raise money for a field day/trip for the Middle School students by selling a variety of candy bars for $1 each. 

Bluegrass Stage – David Wuller, RLC Bluegrass organizer, informed Evan and George the owner is selling his stage (used at our Bluegrass Pickin’ Party) for $1400 to the Rainier Lions if they are interested.  Discussion followed with alternatives:  Evan has a trailer that can be used as a stage; a stage could be built but would need to be stored; or build a permanent stage but would have to consider cost, vandalism, etc.

George made a motion we do not buy the $1400 trailer, Bernice seconded, motion carried.  The alternate plans will be discussed more at another meeting.

Grapefruit is scheduled to arrive by Saturday, February 6th.  Art has offered to pick up the grapefruit with his truck and trailer.  To date our Club sales are at 180 which include 30+ extra.

Tom Cook, Linda Lazelle and Bernice Beck met to review the current Rainier Lions Club activities and projects.  Tom’s report from the committee meeting is attached.  The committee reviewed the events and projects of the club and made recommendations that will be considered at the next meeting.

George spoke briefly on his concern for membership and we may be losing a number of members at the end of this year.  He emphasized that volunteering is a commitment.     

Suzanne Gayda said their club recently inducted eight new members – recruiting from the American Legion after collecting socks for those in need and gaining members by going to the Senior Center to recruit.

Two visitations are scheduled to present the Peaches, Pears and Nectarines fundraiser.  Please let Evan or Bernice know if you can make either visitation:

Covington Lions Club, Wed, Feb 3rd, 5:30 dinner, social at IHOP, 27149 185th Ave SE Ste. 115, Covington, Meeting begins at 6:30 pm.

North Mason Lions Club, Wed, Feb 17th, 6:00 pm dinner, social at Bremerton Airport Diner, 8830 SR 3 SW, Bremerton.  Meeting starts at 7 pm.

Tail Twister – Chris collected happy bucks.

Meeting adjourned.
Bernice Beck

Monday, January 11, 2016

Energy Assistance Program!

Here is the information starting today until energy grant funds run out two energy programs which is usually happens in a few days or couple of weeks.

Click on the energy assistance button on the right side of the webpage:
and click on lightbulb icon on webpage.

More information at:  Click on PROGRAMS then ENERGY ASSISTANCE in the drop down menu.

No strings attached to qualified lower income homes and apartments.

Community Action Council
Thurston County
420 Golf Club Road SE
Lacey, WA 98503

Toll Free >

1-(800) 878-5235