Thursday, June 8, 2017

RHS Scholarship Night 2017

Last night, June 6, 2017,  was RHS scholarship night at 6 PM. This coming Friday is RHS graduation at 7 PM.

It was a 90 minute program and when it was over $202,000. was awarded to RHS Seniors Class of 2017. What an tremendous help to these fine young adults in furthering their education.

I was honored to be able to make the presentation on behalf of the Rainier Lions Club Becky Waldron Memorial Scholarship fund to both very deserving Jesse Nubbe and Devlyn Davis.

Jesse Nubbe, Valedictorian personally asked me if I received the invitation he sent to Bernice and myself. I told him I had and I planned to be there to see him get his well deserved diploma.

It was a real pleasure to have worked with both Jesse these past year and Devlyn this past two years. Devlyn received other awards and scholarships for his community service also; so he was very busy helping out other groups too. 

Some groups actually look at the overall community service a student does to make an award. Thurston County Rotary for example gave three (3) $1,0000. awards and (1) one $2,0000. award for a total of $5,000. to 4 RHS students; Devlyn and Jesse were 2 of the 4 and the two (2) others I believe were in the Top "6" of class which we honored along with their parents at our Clubs "Top 5" (this year 6) limo ride and dinner at Mount Tahoma Golf Club Restaurant last month; which is part of our total scholarships.

Hope you can join me in attendance to congratulate all the graduates and wish them the best in the next stage of their future, Today's youth is our community, nation and Lions future!

Chris Beck, Rainier Lions Club, President 2016-2017