Friday, June 27, 2014

Lacey Sunrise Lions Club officer Installation

Parents Matter

Rainier Bans Marijuana Sales: Ordinance #624

At the regular City Council meeting on June 24th, the Rainier City
Council adopted Ordinance #624 (attached).

I thought you may like to see it.


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Friday, June 20, 2014

The Word "LION" in Hebrew

According to William (Bill) Sanford:

"The name, LION or LIONS. RESH for "face", YOD for "hand" and VAV for "man" or to "bridge". Now who do you think the LION is a symbol of? Not even leviathan i.e. dragon in Job, Psalms and Isaiah or behemoth which is thought to be a brontosaurus because of its tail like an cedar tree has an Aleph Tav. The Aleph Tav is an anointed character symbol. They would not spell LIONS this way by accident. It has great spiritual significance!"

The letters:  Aleph Tav are found in the very first sentence of Genesis. You can read more at:
 Aleph Tav Scriptures