Thursday, January 31, 2013

Rainier Cub Scout Pack # 307

Rainier Lions Club is proud  to have  just become the  charter organization for the new Cub Scout  pack 307 in Rainier WA.  We have had four start up meetings and the first committee meeting is on Feb 3rd, 2013

We are proud to have been asked to be involved with another  effort to better  our community and promote positive values to the leaders of tomorrow.  We are looking forward to a very rewarding relationship.

George Johnson in the Cub Scout contact  from our club and would appreciate  any feedback  to make our role as effective as possible.  Anyone that has been involved with the Scouts and has any feedback please e-mail George at  (No SPAM please.)

Rainier Family Fun Day & Kite Flying Update

Hi Lions,

When we discussed setting a date for Rainier Family Fun Day, our kite making and flying event, we tentatively decided on May 12, 2013.  This is Mother's Day, so we will have to find another day to 
hold this event.  

We will be hosting this event in conjunction with the Rainier Boy Scouts this year.  George will be attending a  
Boy Scouts planning meeting this Sunday evening.  He will discuss dates in April and May at that time.
An announcement will be made when the Rainier Family Fun Day date is chosen.

Thank you for your patience,

Linda Johnson

Monday, January 28, 2013

Spring Conference DESSERT Competition

Dear Fellow Lion: 

The Contest and Awards is announcing an exciting DESSERT competition.

Dessert Categories include PIE, CAKE, Cheese Cake, and Cookies

A Lion may enter only one dessert item per category.

We are asking your club to submit several entries as the desserts are NOT only for competition but also will be used for the dessert for the family dinner.

Please let Lion Don Becker know by March 23 on how many entries we can expect from your club.


PZC Karl Ostheller
District 19C Conference Committee

Rainier Lions Club Minutes January 28, 2013

Members in Attendance:  George Johnson, Linda Johnson, Brenda Flaherty, Shirley Gibson, Bernice Beck, Kay Bryant, Art Runyan, Ron Lind, Rodney Mitchell, (Evan Burnett, Charlotte Runyan, Chris Beck, Linda Lazelle, Chris Fanton excused absence.)

Guests in Attendance:  Juliette Pia (Together & Rainier Community Cares), Renee Wilson (Guest of Rodney Mitchell)

CORRECTION:  First order of business:  Brenda Flaherty mentioned that she is not responsible for collecting membership club dues.  This responsibility belongs to our Treasurer:  Linda Lazelle.  King Lion, George Johnson will send the correction to Linda Lazelle. 

Pledge of Allegiance

Juliette:  BINGO was fun last week.  (Rainier Community Cares is the new name of Rainier Community Coalition.)  Renee helps with the Family Fun night dinners and monthly get-togethers.  Strengthening Family Classes will begin again this spring.  They will be in the Annex building at Rainier Chapel.  They will help students with homework, too.  They are hoping to start after spring break and continue through the rest of the school year. 

There is a poster campaign in the schools and a newspaper campaign directed towards parents, so they will not give alcohol or drugs to their kid. 
They meet twice a month.  One meeting is just a planning committee meeting for the organizers at Rainier City Hall February 6, 2013.  (Local Advisory Team) The group meeting is on the second  Wednesday, February 13, 2013. 
Together / Rainier Community Cares is in need of more volunteers to help them with their projects.  They are short of volunteers. 
End presentation.
KL George:  Linda Lazelle is supposed to be working with Chris Fanton to see if he will work the pot luck phone tree.

Discuss having 2 meetings a month and make every member a member of the board.  The board meeting will meet from 8:00 – 8:30 PM on the second Monday of the month, after our regular meeting.

ESD grant classes.  Americorp.  Juliette will send us information on grant writing classes. 

Grapefruit: We have sold: 145 boxes.

White Cane Days:  Promoted on the first weekend in May.  We may decide to do it another time of year, if we choose to.  We may do it again in September as well.  Jim Bob’s Restaurant will donate 15% of their proceeds to any non-profit group that schedules and promotes having a fundraising event in their restaurant.  Her father, Leo, was a Lifetime Lions Club Member.  We’re shooting for having our promotion on May 2, 2013 at Jim Bob’s Restaurant in McKenna.

Papa Murphy’s card sales:  Talking to the Cub Scouts about having a card sale.  They’re interested in selling these cards.  (We may want to sell Papa Murphy cards at Bluegrass.)  George will have more information tomorrow night.

Question:  The Rainier Schools annual auction will be on Saturday, March 23, 2013 at 3:30 PM.  Do we want to have an auction on that day for the Becky Waldren College Scholarship Auction on the same day? 

Answer:  Yes.  Brenda will donate two bird houses, built to scale, of the Old Church in Rainier, WA.  Brenda’s husband, who is now deceased, made them by hand.  They are one of a kind and very intricate.  Each shingle was cut by hand.

Rainier Family Fun Day:  Kite Flying.  May 12, 2013  Afternoon.  Together may join us, along with the Boy (Cub) Scouts.

Concession Stand:  Discussed building it by the restrooms and covered picnic area.  We have the support of the Mayor of Rainier and the Rainier City Counsel.

Mayor Randy, of Rainier, told George that the City of Rainier’s website should be working in February.  There will be a community calendar on there that we can access and add our events to it. 

Our sight and hearing van needs to be scheduled for next fall.  We’re talking about opening up the afternoon for adults in Rainier, so that they can have their sight and hearing tested, too.  George will have Evan schedule the van.

Coming Events: 

 1-Road clean up Feb.9th A.M. rain or shine

 2-Feb.11th meeting speakers
Tim Garchow
        Scholarship candidates
        Essay entrant

 3-City calendar EOM

 4-Sec. training June 6-12-25

 5- Zone dinner Hawks Prairie Rest. Feb. 6th 5:30 P.M.

 6-City council meeting 2nd and 4th Tuesdays

 7-Rainier Community Cares meeting 1st and 2nd Wed.

 8- LERK Wed. Feb.13th

 9-Re-submit two NSF checks for Christmas Trees.  George sent letters to these people asking    them to call him, but he received no call, so we will have to try putting them through the bank again.- Linda L.

10-Senior Center meals at noon on Mon. and Wed.

PIE BAKING CONTESTThis will be run by the Senior Center.  There will be a $5.00 entry fee.  They will need to turn in 2 pies:  One pie to judge, the other to be auctioned off at Blue Grass.  All proceeds go to the Rainier Senior Center.

CUB SCOUTS YARD SALE:  Rent tables and take a percentage of garage sale sales to be set up along the trail down at the end by the Lions Burger Den.

CUB SCOUTS SING FOR YOUR SUPPER FRIDAY NIGHT:  They used to run this dinner.  George will update us on this.  They may be interested in taking this over for Blue Grass in 2013.

Together / Rainier Community Cares: Feburary 21, 2013 will be having CPR training for the Family. 

RHS Senior Class to do fundraiser:  Seniors have so much going on, that they may not have time to do this during their school year.  It much time, but maybe the music (Band) department might be interested in a fruit fundraiser. 

We’re going to contact Bev Jolley to see if Thurston County Hooved Animal Rescue come to Blue Grass and have a booth.

Rod's Jokes:

“When you find yourself in deep water, remember who walked on it!”  

The chicken said, “Ah, book-it, book-it, book-it.”  “Ah, book-it, book-it, book-it,
The frog said, “Read-it, read-it, read it!”

The frog said, “Read-it, Read it!”

NOTE: Victoria Fanton returned the Rainier Lions Club Tail Twister supplies and has not attended a meeting in several months, so we’ve asked Chris Beck to be our Tail Twister.
We will still need a Membership Retention Chairperson. If you are interested in this position please call George or Evan. Thanks.

RLC Meeting Tonight

The Rainier Lions Club is meeting tonight at 6:30 PM at the Rainier Chapel.

We are having a pot luck.  George and I are bringing Polish Hot Dogs, buns, yellow mustard and sweet pickle relish.  Bernice Beck is bringing baked beans.  Brenda is bringing potato chips.  Bring what you'd like to share.

Dinner starts at 6:30 PM
Meeting starts at 7:00 PM

Our guest speaker tonight is:  Juliette Pia from Together and the Rainier Community Cares Coalition.

The public is welcome to attend tonight's meeting.

If you eat at our potluck, there is a small charge for dinner is $2.00, if you bring something to contribute to dinner and $5.00 if you do not bring a dish.

We hope to see you all tonight!

Sunday, January 27, 2013



Book Description

 December 10, 2008
This is the story of a special type of men and women, those who seek to return to society a portion of the good fortune they have earned and received in their own lives.They are called Lions and, since 1917, have actively engaged in constructing an organization that has evolved into one of the world’s most powerful forces for humanitarian progress: The International Association of Lions Clubs. It is today comprised of nearly 1.3 million members in over 45,000 Lions clubs active in 202 lands spanning the globe.They speak scores of languages and represent diversified cultures. In spirit, however, they speak a common language, the language of voluntary service, responding to an inner drive to answer human needs and to improve living conditions in their own communities and the world community.This book expands upon the history of Lions Clubs International, published in 1991 as “We Serve: The History of the Lions Clubs.” It chronicles the development of the association from its birth in 1917 at Chicago’s LaSalle Hotel in June of that year and at its first convention at the Adolphus Hotel in Dallas later in October. It relates 90 years of the association’s life span and emphasizes the work of Lions on the world scene, including the tremendous success of the Lions Clubs International Foundation, SightFirst, Campaigns SightFirst I and II, programs for youth, and other activities that have elevated the stature of Lions wherever they serve.Readers will be impressed with the accomplishments of the membership and Lions will be moved to take greater pride in wearing the lapel pin of the association. Non-Lions will come to understand fully the ideals and determination of those to whom voluntary service has become a way of life. 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Rainier Lions Club Board Meeting Tonight

Hi Lions,

The regular board meeting will be held at the Rainier Chapel at 6:30 PM tonight.  We'll be discussing the projected budget for 2013.  Please print up the projected budget and bring it with you.  If you have any ideas or changes please let us know tonight.

We have a few items on the agenda:

Projected budget
Grapefruit sales update
Community Calendar
Cub Scouts
Changing Board Meeting date and time (having it before or after a regular meeting)

We also have a couple of NSF Christmas Tree Checks that we need to talk about.  This is the Treasurers responsibility.  I'm not sure how this is handled.  Please advise.

Here's Georges note on Cub Scouts:

Rod and I attended the meeting held last night at the Rainier Elementary School concerning the start of a cub scout pack in Rainier . The attendance seemed very promising .There will be 4 den groups by grade 1st, 2nd,3rd,  fourth and fifth combined . They will meet three times each month  with a pack meeting  held on the last Tuesday of every month . The pack number will be 307 same as the school district . There seemed to be  a lot of excitement.

For those of you that did not attend Monday nights meeting a vote was held and unanimously approved  that our club will be the charter partner for the pack supervising it’s operation .


Friday, January 18, 2013

Scott Bryant Celebration of Life January 19, 2013


Steven ‘Scott’ Bryant
August 25, 1953 – January 14, 2013

Please join us for a potluck meal Saturday, January 19, 2013 at 1 p.m.
        Rainier Sportsmans Club
 Remembrances suggested to the Jessie Bryant College Fund      at Twin Star Credit Union (407374) to benefit Jessie Bryant

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Steven "Scott" Bryant Memorial Saturday January 19, 2013

One of our Rainier Lions Club members, Scott Bryant, passed away this week.  Scott is survived by his wife, Kay and his daughter Jessica.  Kay is a Postmistress at the Rainier Post Office.  Jessica is a college student in at Western - in Bellingham, WA.

A memorial will be held Saturday afternoon at the Sportsman's Club in Rainier, WA.  George called and spoke with Kay and her daughter today.  He offered the help of the Rainier Lions Club members.  Her friend, Kristi Bidwell went with her to the Sportsman's Club this afternoon and it looks like they have plenty of tables, chairs and coffee pots, etc.  

George & I will bring the RLC & our crocks pot with three serving area.  We will help serve on Saturday.
We need other Lions Club members to bring food and help serve on Saturday.

Kristi said,  "Thank you so much for your willingness to help out with things for Scott's service on Saturday."

What is needed the most:

  • Finger Sandwiches
  • Meat & Cheese Platters
  • Vegetable Platters
  • Fruit Platters
  • Salads
  • Chips
  • Desserts
  • Other Food Items

I appreciate you putting the word out and if you are able to let me know what people are able to bring that would be great.
Thank you so much,
Kristi Bidwell
(360) 789-4625

Any and all help you give will be greatly appreciated by Kay and her daughter.  Please let us know how you can help and I’ll forward a list to Kristi Friday morning. They also need people to help setting up the food at the sportsman club. Thank you in advance - this is a situation where we can help out a member of our club during a very hard time. 

(360) 292-5363 cell

I'm Proud to be A Lion

Monday, January 14, 2013

RLC General Meeting Minutes for January 14, 2013


January 14, 2013  Rainier Lions Club  6:30 PM @ Rainier Chapel

Frank Villanuega from Cub Scouts of America:  

Moral & Ethical choices throuout their lifetimes  Cub Scouts Boy Scouts & Co-Ed group.
A dozen families showed up in September.  Linda Cooper will be making the 
presentation tomorrow night at Rainier Elementry to organize Cub Scout Group.  
Looking for 
Non-profit "Charter Partners."  

Cub Scouts of America provide liability insurance.  Tim G will be the "Unit 
Commissioner."  (Superintendent of Rainier Schools.)  He won't be a leader - 
but will work with adults once a month to help make sure they meet the CSA 
standards.  Tim's arranged for the meeting place at the school.  

BSA are asking everyone to ask for Charter Members to become registered leaders 
to join and get a background check.  The cost is $15.00 per person.  Form goes to 
Dallas TX, Rainier Pack.  Approve leadership.  Need a minimum of 5 leaders.  There 
are 12 families interested in the troop.  There are 5 members that have 
 committed to becoming leaders in the troop.  

There is a committee that organizes behind the scenes.  There are people who work 
directly with with club members.   

SCOUTING is not a platform to promote "hidden or personal agendas."

There is a $40.00 yearly charter membership fee.
There are several people willing to help for the first three months.

Rodney Mitchell motioned to become a sponsor for the Cub Scout Troop.  
Linda Johnson seconded the motion.  The motion carried.  (All six members a
ttending voted "yes.")  We will look over the paperwork that Frank V gave us 
and continue to discuss becoming charter members at next week's Board Meeting.
Suzanne & Butch  From Spanapark Lions:  Bowling Fundraiser - 
"Bowling Classic"  16th annual fundraiser. Daffodil Princesses will be there.  Pacific
Lanes this year.  This is a larger bowling alley, so it will be easier to run the fundraisers.  
9 Pin No Tap.  This is their major fundraiser for eyeglasses, hearing aids, Camp Leo, 
Adopt a Family, Food drive to feed the hungry. 
Bernice Beck Grapefruit Update:  We have 2 more weeks before we turn our 
orders in
Rodney Mitchell on Kite Flying:  Sticks are cut.  Cub Scouts may be 
interested in helping. 
Linda J on Banner & Reader Board:  Linda Lazelle will take over the 
reader board.  Banners in 2 weeks. 
KL George on yearly Calendar:  Rough Draft
KL George on Yearly Budget:  Rough Draft will be sent out before  Next 
 Weeks Board Meeting
KL George on Communication:  We have several members who have not 
shown up for meetings or events.  Emails and phone calls have not been responded to.  
We need to communicate with all of our members to see if they are alright.  
Linda Lazelle mentioned going to 2 meetings a month rather then 3 meetings per 
month.  We will discuss this at next week's board meeting


Members:  Rodney Mitchell, Bernice Beck,  Linda Lazelle, Brenda Flaherty, 
George Johnson, Linda Johnson.  

Guests:  Frank V., (Boy Scouts of America), Suzanne & Butch from Spanapark Lions.


Other items:  Any old business that anyone wants to bring up from last year.  

Senior Center:  Contact someone about pie baking contest and membership.  

Meeting Adjourned.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

District 19-C 65th Spring Conference April 5 & 6

Theme:  Family Reunion 

April 5-6, 2013
La Quinta Inn – Tacoma, WA
1425 East 27th, Tacoma WA  Phone: (253) 383-0146

Registration (Separate sheet required for each attendee) $10.00 
Youth and Leo Registration (18 and Under) $5.00
Friday Night – District Governor’s Banquet, with Food: 
Dress up, come in your club attire, or come as you are
(6:00 Social – 7:00 Dinner)
Awards, Speaker, Comedienne, LCIF Fund Raising Raffle
Please Select Dinner Entrée:
□   Baron of Beef    $30.00
□  Vegetable Lasagna   $30.00

Saturday Lunch – Deli Sandwich with Potato Salad & Fresh Fruit   $15.00
Saturday Family Dinner – Pasta Buffet   $15.00

La Quinta Inn Room Rates = $105.00 per Night (includes the Continental Breakfast Buffet)

Reservations may be made by calling 253-383-0146 & identifying yourself as attending the
District “C” Lions Convention.

Please make checks payable to: Lions District 19C

Mail your check and Registration Form to:
PDG Dave Pratt, 14953 101st Way SE, Yelm, WA 98597

For Questions, Call PDG Dave at 360-400-1746 or email at

Registrations must be received by April 1, 2012 to guarantee meals are available.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Caring for Kids: Happy Hearts Dinner Auction

By: Diane Formoso
Caring for Kids works on a daily basis to help our kids in need in Clover Park School District. We are an all-volunteer organization providing free clothing, school supplies, hygiene products, food, books, and holiday gifts. Unfortunately this year the City of Lakewood has cut $12,000 from our Ready to Learn Fair Grant. Last year during the three RTL Fair events we helped 2,801 kids with backpacks, school supplies, hygiene products and a host of other amenities.

Our major fundraiser the Happy Hearts Dinner Auction is on February 9th at the McGavick Center at Clover Park Technical College. Tickets are only $35.00. We are asking for your help by encouraging everyone you know to attend the auction. Please invite friends, family and staff so we can fill the McGavick Center with 500 people. We are also asking for help with donations of live and silent auction items.  Order your tickets now! This year’s auction is more important than ever!

Please contact Diane for more information 279-9777 or

Besides our everyday work this is the additional fundraising and events we held to help our kids in November and December:

·         On November 10th we held our annual Stuff the Bus at Clover Park High School. For six hours we had fifty enthusiastic high school students along with the adults stand outside encouraging the community to support Caring for Kids by donating toys and cash for the Holiday Fair.
·         We sold 1,130 poinsettias to help defray the cost of the Holiday Fair. The poinsettias were delivered to us on December 4th.  With the help of Adam Hedren we delivered almost all the plants in a day and a half.
·         Friday the 7th we set up for the Holiday Fair with the Fair being on the 8th. Approximately 150 kids and adults volunteered to make the Fair a success helping over 2,000 kids in need and their families. 
·         Our new project is collecting color books and crayons to be distributed at the food bank and the food truck.  We collected over 1,000 sets. Seven hundred and fifty were delivered to the Fish Food Bank. On the 23rd we were committed to handing out small gifts, books, color books and crayons at the Food Connection Truck in Springbrook. This is our fourth year.  We also handed out stockings at the Methodist Church dinner at the food bank.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Update on Zone Advisory Meeting in February!


Here's more info from your Zone Chair Dee about the upcoming Zone Advisory
Meeting in Feb!

Pat Baron, Zone Secy

Hello Zone Chairs!
For our February 6 Zone meeting the theme is "JOKEFEST".  Please ask your King Lions  (or any other member who will be attending in their place) to bring their favorite short joke to share with the other members.  It can be on any subject as long as it is short (no more than 2 minutes) and appropriate for the setting.
You will be called upon to recite your joke so practice it beforehand!
We at Lacey Lamplighters are looking forward to seeing as many members from all zones as possible.  The area in the restaurant where we will be meeting will hold 50 people comfortably.  they have a great menu to choose from so come hungry.
See you there!
Dick Platner
Past President, Tail Twister
Lacey Lamplighters Lions
360-359-8222 (cell)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Judging of 2011-2012 Lions South Sound Essay Contest

Fellow Lions:

This letter is to inform all the Lions Clubs in C-2, C-6 and North Mason Lions Club (C-4) that the judging for the 2012-2013 Lions South Sound Essay Contest will take place on Saturday, January 5, 2013 at the Olympics West Retirement Apartments in Tumwater.  A continental breakfast will be available at 8:30 A.M. Judging will commence around 9:00 A.M and conclude around 1:00 P.M. 

Even though the school you sponsored this year did not participate, you are requested to encourage your members to take part of the judging process.  This will be the 24TH   year of this successful program.

Twenty Youth Exchange applications were received for the Essay contest and sixteen essay’s were received for judging.

The following schools were represented with essay candidates:
Olympia H. S. (3)
Shelton H. S. (2)
Tenino H. S. (2)
North Thurston H. S. (1)
North Mason H. S. (1)
Timberline H. S. (6)
Rainier H. S. (1)

It is difficult to understand why some schools were not represented.  The only scenario I can rationalize is that the program was not promoted adequately within the other schools.

The first place winner will receive an expense paid trip to the country of their choice, during the summer and stay with at least two host families for four to six weeks.

The second place winner will receive a $150 GIFT CARD and the third place winner will receive a $100 GIFT CARD.

If you have any questions, please call me at (360) 427-1964 or our Co-chairperson, Bob Kelley, (360) 491-3773.

PZC Mel Williamson
2011-2012 Lions South Sound Essay Contest Co-Chairman
Shelton Lions Club

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Free 1 Hour Effective Communication Training


A Free 1-Hour Training

  • Do you have trouble with certain people?
  • Do you get lost in the crowd?
  • Do you feel like others don't understand you? 
  • Do your work meetings come to a standstill?
When:  January 9, 2013  at 5:00 PM
Where:  Rainier Middle School (portable #26)

Brought to you by:  Rainier Community Cares

Contact:  Juliette Pia (Program Manager)

Amanda Mayoh (Outreach Coordinator / AmeriCorps VISTA)

(360) 446-9222

Rainier Community Cares is a program of TOGETHER!
Find out more at:

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Lions Club holds Peace Poster Contest

Original Article

Lions Club holds Peace Poster Contest

Each year, Lions Clubs around the world sponsor the Lions International Peace Poster Contest for students ages 11-13. 
The contest encourages young people to express their visions of peace.  This year, 350,000 students worldwide participated to make posters on the theme of “Imagine Peace.” 
Pictured are winners from Divine Mercy Catholic Schools: Griffith Malecha and Special Teacher Recognition Award winner Betsy Thomas. Also pictured are Lions Norma Musel, Rene Perrance, Debra Wasserman, and Steve Wasserman. Other winners will be featured in a later edition of the Daily News. (Photo provided)