Saturday, September 12, 2015

Rainier Lions Club Build a Wheel Chair Ramp

Just before the Bluegrass Festival started, George Johnson received a call from Dave Essency, asking the Lions to build a wheel chair ramp for his neighbor.  Since the Lions were busy getting ready for the Bluegrass Pickin' Party, Dave agreed to wait a couple of weeks for the wheel chair ramp.

George went out this week and picked up the materials for the wheel chair ramp.  Then he
prefabricated parts of the ramp at home, so installation wouldn't take a long time.  It's easier to use tools at home, then cart them to the job site.

This morning Tom Cook, George Johnson and Rainier Lions Club President, Evan Burnett went out and built the wheel chair ramp for Dave's neighbor, Roger Reeves.

The pictures below are of the wheel chair ramp:

 Evan (left on on cell phone) and George (right, facing the camera) working on installing 
the prefabricated wheel chair ramp.

Roger Reeves getting ready to try out his new wheel chair ramp. 

Roger, on the down hill walk!