Saturday, July 22, 2017


July 20, 2017

Tracine Farrow, of the Yelm Lions Club, received a call to help a person who needed a wheelchair ramp.  She called the Lacey Sunrise Lions for assistance. Reggie Christen, 976A Tipsoo Loop, Rainier, WA. had an infection that developed into gangrene. He was admitted into the hospital and his leg was amputated.  He was house bound without the use of a ramp.

On July 20th, members from the Rainier Lions, Yelm Lions, and Lacey Sunrise Lions worked together and constructed a 16 foot ramp.  The project was completed in three hours.

Lions Hours:
            Pat Bucknell             3 Hours         Lacey Sunrise
            John Christensen      3                                  “
            Randy Harris            3                                  “
            Bob Kelley               3                                  “
            Paul Martin              3                                  “
            Charles Cook           3                      Yelm Lions
            Angela Cook            3                                  “
            Christian Beck         2                      Rainier Lions
                        Total           23 Hours

            Bayview Lumber    $188.86
            Rolled Roofing           25.00
                        Total            $213.86

 The Yelm Lions Club donated a check for $213.86

Zone Chairman Chris Beck also donated sandwiches and chilled water for everyone.

It was a pleasure working with our neighboring Lions.

Reggie Christen was pleased to be able to exit his house for some fresh air and sunshine.   He thanked everyone many times.

Bob K.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

RLC Agenda July 10, 2017

Peaches, Pears & Nectarines 2017

Bluegrass Pickin' Party 25th Anniversary 2017

FREE Admission!  Come to the 25th Anniversary of the Rainier Bluegrass Pickin' Party August 24th - 27, 2017 in Wilkowski Park.   

The pickin' & grinnin' will go on all week, as the bluegrass performers practice in the park by their RV's.  It's fun for the whole family to wander through the park and watch the performers play informally, as they get ready for their free concerts.

Friday the Open Mic on the Bluegrass Stage starts at 3 PM and goes on through 7 PM. Please remember to bring chairs and blankets.

Saturday there are 2 concerts.  The first one goes from 2 - 5 PM.  The second one starts at 6 PM and runs through 10 PM.  

Pinewood Derby Community Races 2017

This year the Cub Scouts #307 will be having a “Pinewood Derby” after the Rainier Round-up Days Parade.  This race is open to the public & is for people of all ages.  

They’ll have a Rainier Round-up Days Vendor booth, where anyone can sign up to have their car in the Pinewood Derby.  The entry fee is $2.00 for the race.  All money raised from this event will go towards helping the pack buy a new race track for their derby races.

Thank you for supporting our Scouts!

Jim Bob's 5 Annual Show & Shine Car Show & Auction

We stopped in to see Lori Shine in their new "Shine Specialties" store front. It's amazing! They have a lot more room. It's open and spacious. Their grand opening will be on August 19th. She gave us a flyer for a fundraiser that she and her husband sponsor. It's "Jim Bob's 5th Annual Show & Shine Car Show & Auction" which helps our wounded heroes from JBLM. This fundraiser is near & dear to their hearts.

George is making a bridge, with solar lights, to donate to this auction. You'll be able to see it soon at Shine Specialties. Go in and say "Hi" to Lori. Tell them George sent you!