Sunday, September 29, 2013

Jim McDermott's Pictures of September Retreat at Project New Hope

Linda and I had an opportunity this past weekend  to volunteer  at  the latest Project New Hope retreat.   We probably should have had to pay a  fee to participate.  It was a real special occasion to be able to interact with some of our countries military families.  I never served in the military  but  feel that I was still able to connect with all the families I came in contact with.  I could not help but wonder why more people from our Lions clubs did not take part in the event.   I’m sure there is a closet full of excuses. I have a large box filled with those as well. Yes, Friday after lunch I wondered why I had to leave the project I was working on at home to drive to Cascade Camp.  Probably just as any of you would have.
In many ways I feel I got more out of it than the participants but then again it always seems that way when we volunteer to help others.  It’s also a fuel to volunteer again  at this or other events.
Some of these G.I.’s have been deployed three times to combat in the mid east. I surly am able to give up a weekend to help, in any way needed,  these brave families re unite.   A privilege to amuse  their children for a few hours so that mom and dad can re-lay a solid foundation for their relationship.  An ear to listen to future family  dreams. A G.I. to thank for his service.
  It was interesting to see how many non lion volunteers there were.  I hope that the next time Dee looks to the Lions for help that every proud club  in our zone will stand up to thank the next families.
So if your  asking what does that have to do with membership my guess is you don’t have a lot of new quality members in your club.  Your club is probably the same old thing losing a member every couple of years and complaining how hard it is to get new members.
This retreat was a great way to show how volunteering , caring,talking makes others take interest in our organization.  I spoke to at least five people, some volunteers, some G.I. families that wanted to know about Lions. What else we do and how to get more information.  I had two ready to come to one of my meeting but I thought Tacoma and Spanaway would be too far for them to travel and that we have multiple clubs in those areas.  I gave then info on how to contact those clubs but my guess will be that they won’t because of no follow up.   Membership happens by example, leadership and a willingness to volunteer with no apparent reward.  Little do they know how much I gleaned from the retreat.
Oops, forgot to mention the two contacts I made with people who work on base ( wonder if that will help my club going forward)
Hope to see someone from every

club at the next Project New Hope.


George Johnson - the Bird House Man!



Fishing off the dock!


Bobbie walking the baby....


Rubicon (ATV's)

Horse & Pony Rides....

Workshops with the parents

Volunteers & Families Together 

Thank you to all of our Volunteers!