Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Project New Hope Flyer 2017

Agenda for General Meeting April 24, 2017

Agenda for General Meeting

April 24, 2017   
Rainier Chapel 6:30 – 8:00 PM


Rainier Community Gardens – 1st Tues RHS
Senior Center Lunch – Mon & Wed Noon $3.00 per person
City Council – 2nd & 4th Tues 7 PM
Rainier Community Cares – 2nd Thurs 5 – 7 Rainier Chapel
Sportsman’s Club – 1st Mon 7 PM
City Council – 2nd & 4th Tues 7 PM
Rainier Food Bank – Wed & Sat 9 – 12 Noon
Valley Heart Breakfast – Last Saturday of the month 9 – 11 AM Free


LERC – 2nd Monday 9-12
04/30/17 – Report of Officers to MD 19 submitted by Lion Linda
05/05-05/06/17- White Cane Days
05/10 – Top 5 Student Dinner-Tahoma Gulf Course
05/15 – Record officers by Lion Linda
 06/03/17- Lions Day at the Races Honoring Lion Patty Allen (MD 19 Social Event) 1:00 PM - 7:00 PM

06/18/17- Give level of Legacy Project (1, 2, or 3)
06/17-18 Olympia Air Show ~ Olympia Host Lions Burger Den help?
07/01 – 07/05-Scatter Creek Coffee Stop
07/25-End of Year Report due by Lion Linda
08/12/17-Centennial Celebration-11-8, Clock Tower Park, Dupont, WA
08/24-27/17-Rainier Blue Grass Festival, Wilkowski Park, Rainier
09/21-09/23-USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum, Portland, Oregon

New member Orientation Webinar (Go to Meeting) Hedstrom
(continuous) Third Monday of every month, 7 to 8 PM, webinar 

RLC Minutes April 10, 2017

Minutes 04/10/2017

Attendance:  KL Chris Beck, Evan Burnett,  Bernice Beck,  Pia Ballmes,  Dawn Kenney, Autumn Kenney, Linda Lazelle.  Guest:  Dave Wuller, BGF coordinator

KL Chris called meeting to order with pledge, song, and prayer

Tail Twisting – KL Chris gave a quiz—Mr. Spell, Miss Spell.  Pia won the prize, a purple pen.  Second meeting of month will have a birthday cake for April birthdays.

KL Chris asked for reports from Lion Linda, Bernice and himself concerning the Spring Conference held in Olympia at the RL.  Lion Linda said that there was a class Youth:  Building on Past Legacy.  A new Lion was speaking about the Lions being “Old peoples Club”.  This is a past stereo type.  Need to attract younger members by stressing that Lions is a plus on their resume for jobs.  Community Service shows that they care about more than just themselves and gives them a leadership role.  Can give back, serve, and network with potential employers.  Some clubs have real estate, insurance brokers, bankers, or other professionals in membership.  Hold each other responsible by calling and/or texting to get to meetings or projects.

Concept that can be used is to have project fit in for younger members to give them something immediately where they can be seen in community as active Lions.  Go into High School and establishing career in 30’s.  Annual Earth Day Project, Care Projects such as back packs.  Approach and get engaged!

Ron Smirich said there is a Your Club, Your Way concept that offers younger members their own meeting schedule, set up own projects (not so much traditional).  Maple Valley meets once month on Saturday.  Still members in main club but branch meets at different time.  Communicate using Face Book, private page members only. 

Lion Linda attended a class on Ethics.  Go over Ethics once a year.  Part of induction.  Can we do better?  Build up and not destroy.  Go to Zone Chair, District Governor.  Mediation, find out about.  Vet you transfer members with club coming from.  Either accept or reject with a letter (don’t  say why if rejecting.)  Transferring secretary from previous club has to drop, then vet incoming with Board no time limit. 

CARE in Peru this year helping girls to go to school.  Raised $40,000 this year.  MD 19 send donations.  Salina Peru 2 year period for funds.

Change to sight screening in school.  Will be required to check near vision plus far.  Lions screeners get training like school nurses. 

Lion Bernice Code purple resuscitating vol. priceless.  1 new Lion changes 70 lives.  Breakfast at Sallys Book by luncheon speaker.

KL Chris moderated class and evaluated feedback.  What Worked?  Clubs that have grown immensely, Mineral.  New fire truck, run lake resort in summer.  Lions own 20 acre piece of property, 40 new members.  Good example for us and the kitchen concession stand—let people know it’s there because of Lions.  Dupont 4 years ago has business and professional members.  Poulsbo is also successful club. 

A third reading of officers was given:  Lion Evan Burnett, President, Lion Jill Wilkinson, Vice President, Lion Linda Lazelle, Secretary, Lion Evan Burnett, Treasurer, Lion Bernice Beck Lion Tamer, Lion Dawn Kenney, Tail Twister, and Lion Jill Wilkinson, Membership Chair.  Next meeting on April 24th will be the election of officers.   Lion Linda will email Al Hedstrom orientation to Lion Pia.

KL Chris Beck requested a report by committee chairs:  White Care Days, will set schedule locations.  (Lion Dawn) Legacy Project (kitchen/concession stand) Health Department permit getting (Lion Evan), Scatter Creek Coffee—work with Lacey Mid-Day, part of week.  Got coffee use Lacey’s pot for coffee, hot chocolate, tea bags.  Cookies furnished.  Will divide after providing volunteers only.  Make a roster to do shifts (2 people at once)(time date name cell #) (KL Chris), Centennial Celebration  Sponsors for on BG form, May 15th get sponsors (Lion Bernice, PPN (no chair) will likely have Lacey Lamplighters be in charge of distributing fruit to hub clubs, Blue Grass Festival --Website up, usual prepare, spread word RainierPickerParty.com August 21-27.  Have everything but stage. (Lion Evan and Dave Wuller), Top 5 Dinner—2nd Wednesday of May, Limo and go to Tahoma Golf Course restaurant (Lion Evan).

KL Chris said that Olympia Air Show is in June.  We can help.  Father’s Day Weekend.  Requirement if Rainier Lions are to use Burger Den in August.  We get free pass to air show, if volunteer.  4-6 hour shifts. 

Keep asking about membership using club brochure and membership application.

Ad in District Roster for Blue Grass Festival and Peaches Pears and Nectarines.  Motion was first and seconded to have ad placed.  Motion carried.

We will need a dinner count for the next meeting.  Chicken was suggested as main course.

Meeting adjourned.  

April 24th next meeting.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Earth Day 2017 in Rainier

Left to Right:  Jesse Nubbe, Autumn Kenney, Chris Beck, Dawn Kenney.  Picture taken by Teri Rendahl

Today on Earth Day and my birthday Dawn, Terry, Autumn, Jesse Nubbe and myself planted flowers at the Rainier Veteran's Memorial and the flower bed by the Welcome to Rainier Sign North end of Rainier. Terry took some pics and will post them to the RLC blog.

It took a whole hour with 5 of us and we were done before the rain came and then all went to Valley Heart for breakfast with Runyon's.

Thanks to all who helped, Chris Beck, RLC, KL

Left to Right:  Jesse Nubbe, Autumn Kenney, Chris Beck, Dawn Kenney.  Picture taken by Teri Rendahl

Left to Right:  Dawn Kenney, Chris Beck, Autumn Kenney, Jesse Nubbe.  Picture taken by Teri Rendahl