Thursday, July 24, 2014

Building houses for the Birds & Bees

Last Saturday's "Build-a-Birdhouse" workshop was packed with people....  Lions Walt Dohring and George Johnson helped kids of all ages build bird houses and Mason bee houses.........  Great idea that Jeannine and Angie had to put on this workshop for our community.  Thank you all for the great turnout!

Lion Walt Dohring helping kids build bird houses at the Rainier Community Garden workshop.

Say hello to George from the Rainier Lions Club, our local mason bee expert. He helped kids and adults build a habitat for mason bees.  City Councilman Dennis McVey and his wife have Mason Bee Houses in their yard.  He came to Rainier Community Garden on July 19th and shared a lot of information about Mason Bees.  

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Monday, July 7, 2014

Frozen in Wilkowski Park!

Frozen in Wilkowski Park
By:  Linda Johnson

Families state together in Wilkowski Park on July 3rd, waiting to watch the movie “FROZEN” that was presented by Rainier Community Cares.  This is the first time a Family Fun Movies event was ever held in the park and it was a huge success!  Heads were counted and 164 adults and children were seen laying on blankets and sitting in chairs waiting for the movie “Frozen” to start.  The children got a childhood memory that they will remember their whole lives.  There also were adults there, who did not bring children.  They just wanted to enjoy the experience.

The Fire Department arrived with their sirens and lights blazing about a half hour before the movie was going to start.  The children were very pleased with all of the commotion. 
They ran up and checked out all of the equipment on the truck. 

Welcoming addresses were made by City of Rainier Mayor and President of R.C.C. Randy Schleis, as well as Rainier Community Council member George Johnson.  In less than 10 minutes both speakers gave a brief history of Rainier Community Cares, the work it does in the community and the direction they are moving forward in.  The current program is “Parents Matter” reminds parents on ways to promote positive experiences for their children and families.  

Randy & Kathy Schleis on the left of the picture.

George Johnson talked about volunteering in Rainier and the importance of involving our youth in helping others to build sustainable communities.  There are many groups in our community who are doing good work.  He urged everyone to participate with their children in public service activities.  

Juliette Pia, Program Director of R.C.C., said “Parents who want to be involved in our community and help create positive experiences for our children are welcome to join us.  We need more leaders who are willing to give just a few hours a month to help make our community a better place to raise our children.  We want our children to be proud to live here.”

The fire truck turned their sirens and lights back on and waved goodbye to the families nestled in the park.  Then the crowd settled down and the movie started playing on the inflatable movie screen.  Children cuddled up to their parents and were glued to the movie screen.  Even grandparents came with their children and grandchildren.  It was an extended “Family Fun Night.”

Rainier Community Cares is currently sponsoring a FREE Summer Lunch and activities program mornings at Rainier Elementary with the help and cooperation of our school administration and volunteers.  R.C.C. just finished a free six week program held at Sugar and Spice Daycare called strengthening families.  For additional information on how you can help please call Juliette at 360.446.9222.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Rainier Emergency Food Center Website!

The Rainier Emergency Food Center has a website!  You can donate directly to the food bank using the donation button.  

Lately we've been serving around 800 families per month, or more.  Last week we had 15 more families sign up in one day.  The Rainier Emergency Food Center is "The Heart of the Community."

Our emergency food center organization serves the rural Thurston County area as a satellite of the Thurston County Food Bank.  We are currently the second largest center serving the many families and individuals affected by the current down-turn in the local economy. We serve an average of seven hundred families per month.  

Open: Wednesdays and Saturdays    
Hours: 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon

We do provide delivery to those who qualify.

Rainier Emergency Food Center (REFC) has twenty three dedicated volunteers serving those in need.  100% of donations go to serving the needy in Thurston County.  
Place: Valley Heart Assembly of God
      11318 Vail Cutoff Road SE
 Rainier, WA 98576


Enter the door on the right side of the metal building.    Click to go to the Rainier Emergency Food Center website.  You can donate directly to the food bank using the donation button.      To visit Valley Heart's website, click here. 

Friday, July 4, 2014

Let's Play Ball with the Tacoma Rainiers!!!

Ida & Faith Boesch have raised over $30,000 to extend the playground at Rainier Elementary School.  They started this project in November of 2013.  Work to add the playground extension starts August 2, 2014!!!  Great Job!!!!  

One hundred tickets were donated by TOGETHER! for the playground fund.  We only have a few tickets left.