Thursday, October 29, 2015

Rainier Lions Club Gives Community Service Awards to 15 Students.

There was a full house at the last Rainier Lions Club meeting Monday evening! The Rainier Lions hosted a pizza and cake party to thank some of the youth in our community for their community service work.  Over the last year these students showed up to clean parks and trails in Rainier. They also always showed up to help the Lions whenever we needed assistance this last year in any project we called them for.  They helped cart heavy boxes of fruit to customer's cars.  They helped with Family Fun Day, packed apples & helped with Halloween in the Park.  So many of these students sang Christmas Carols when they went "Caroling for Cans" that the Rainier Emergency Food Center received over 2000 pounds of non-perishable food in donations.
Club president Evan Burnett said “ it’s important to recognize these students and the service they perform  for the community” They could have said no, but never did. Rainier should be proud to have such citizens in our community who want to give their time to make our community a better place to live. Some are scouts.  All of these students have parents that care.

Front:  Nadine Whitlock, 
Facing in back:  Cheri Davis, Suz Miller, Jill Wilkinson

Right to left:  Evan Burnett, Dawn Kenney, John & Matthew Kenney (Partially hidden)

Lion George Johnson front & center

Rainier Lions Club President:  Evan Burnett (Thanking the students for their community service)

Rainier Lions Club VP Bud Green (& son Dean) giving awards to 15 students who were involved in Lions Club projects through out the 2015 year.

Brenda Flaherty (front) Bob & Yvette Gibson & the part of the crowd at the 
Community Service Award Ceremony at the Rainier Lions Club meeting.


  1. Hunter Howell                          Cub Scout
  2. Wyatt Howell                            Volunteer
  3. Keagan Howell                         Cub Scout
  4. John Kenney                            Cub Scout
  5. Matthew Kenney                       Cub Scout
  6. Damion Green                           Cub Scout
  7. Autumn Kenney          Girl Scout, Volunteer
  8. Zack Miller                  High School Student
  9. Jaden Lawrence-Olson Student, Volunteer   
10. Lukas Gibson                 Student, Volunteer
11. Elizabeth Wilkinson        Student, Volunteer
12. Gabrielle Wilkinson         Student, Volunteer
13. Devin Davis                   Student, Volunteer
14. Leslie Camacho              Student, Volunteer
15. Allison Gibson                Student, Volunteer


16. Jill Wilkinson                    Parent, Volunteer
17. Bob Gibson                      Parent, Volunteer
18. Yvette Gibson                  Parent, Volunteer
19. Brandie Howell                  Parent, Volunteer
20. Fran Wilson                Community Volunteer

Students with their awards.

Students with their awards

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