Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween in the Park Celebrates in the Rainier Chapel

Halloween in the park was scheduled, as usual, but the weather did not look promising at all.  Driving rain and wind was threatening to spoil Halloween for our children. The Rainier Chapel came to the rescue and said we could use the chapel to keep everyone warm and dry. 

Hundreds of "trick or treaters" and their parents stopped in to enjoy games, Main Street Cookies and hot drinks, on this very stormy night. At a couple of points it was very hard to move around, because it was so crowded. Even the North Thurston Fire Department, braved the weather outside, in the parking lot, to give treats to the kids.

The evening was a great success for Rainier, as caring  businesses and  non profit groups came together so the children of Rainier could dress up and celebrate Halloween. 

Please shop in and say a  thank you to Main Street Cookies,  Storage Auction Liquidators.  Please support them as they support our community and Rainier Lions Club, Rainier Emergency Food Center, Rainier Community Cares, Prairie Soccer Club, Cub Scouts,  Boy Scouts,  Rainier Education Foundation.  

Thank you to everyone who came out for the children in our community, on a very stormy night, to make sure our kids were safe, happy and warm. These people help make Rainier a great place to live and all working together can make wonderful things happen
It was so nice to see parents and children, dressed for the occasion, having such fun and coming together as a community.  Hopefully next year will be even a bigger event for the children of Rainier.

Phyllis H.  filling out a "Healthy Youth Survey" for Rainier Community Cares.

The crowd of people start arriving before 5 PM.

Phyllis H. filling out a Rainier Community Cares "Healthy Youth Survey."

Brandi Howell arrives with her family to help set up the Cub Scouts games and treats.


Lions president, Evan Burnett, is helping decorate the Chapel.

More people filling out surveys, as goblins arrive for Halloween

Treats, Treats & MORE TREATS for the kids.  The "Cat in the Hat" is Here, too!

Rainier Community Cares table.

Bud Green's wearing his daughter's angle wings.

Trick or Treat!

Haunted House Cookie kits for the kids!

Rachel Stephenson (middle), Jim McIntire (far right)

Nancy Decker (Director of the Rainier Emergency Food Center) is 
dressed like a lady bug, giving out cups of candy for the kids.  
(Her daughter, Tina, is dressed like the Cat in the Hat.)

Left to right:  Nadine Whitlock, Linda Johnson, Chris Chitwood

The Cat in the Hat is back!

Rainier Lions give out fresh Fuji Apples.

The Cub Scouts have a ring toss game and gave out full size candy bars.

Bud Green, holding his son Dean, while wearing his daughter Gracie's angle wings. 
 (Bud is a Cub Scout Leader & VP of the Rainier Lions Club)

Dressed for the 1950's

Pacific Soccer Club Mom's giving out treats.

NASA spaceman!

Boy with a cup full of candy!

Skunk Costume (sorry the picture is blurry)

Minnie Mouse and the 1950's kids.

Mike Karnes visiting with the members of the Rainier Emergency Food Center.

Minnie Mouse and the Zombie!

Everett Gage dressed like Pillsbury Doughboy! 
 I wouldn't have recognized him, if he hadn't said "Hi"

Mike Karnes' coat glows in the dark...

Autumn Kenney and Bud Green.

Deni Geiger from Storage Auction Liquidators.  

Deni Geiger & George Johnson

Some of the costumes were amazing.  This girl is dressed like a gypsy.  Look at the detail!

A Zombie...

Nancy Decker's daughter, Tina and Nancy.

Phyllis H. from the Rainier Emergency Food Center.

Raffling off the basket for REFC.  

A special "Thank you" to everyone to stayed after the raffle and helped us clean the church. We really appreciate everything you did to help us!

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