Sunday, April 28, 2013

Rainier Family Fun Day is a Huge Success!

The Cub Scout bake sale did very well,  as did the pancake breakfast.  The kids all seemed to have had a good time even though some of the homemade kites did not cooperate & fly.  We had over 40 children attend - plus their parents and grandparents!  WAY TO GO RAINIER!!!!

Juliette, from "Together" and "Rainier Community Cares" attended both our Scouts Breakfast and Rainier Family Fun Day events.  She brought free books for all of the children and donated complete, colorful kite kits.  Those kites flew very well!  Thank you, Juliette, for your time, help and donations, as you helped make our "Family Fun Day" a huge success!  We couldn't have done it without you and your organization.

Linda will post all of the pictures tomorrow.  The Lions auction was fairly successful.  Someone got a great deal on the BBQ at $275, but at least it’s not sitting in Art's yard any longer.  Thanks to all who donated and showed up to bid.  

Linda called everyone last night to let them know that their bid won.   I was at The Chapel today at 4 pm to meet the people to pick up their items.  If you didn't pick up the items you won, please feel free to call me and make arrangements to stop by and pick them up.  I can be reached at:  (360) 292-5363.

Thank you all for attending "Rainier Family Fun Day!"  You are what makes our community GREAT!

George J.

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