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Minutes for Rainier Lions Club March 25, 2013

Rainier Lions Club
Regular Meeting Minutes 03-25-2013

Attending:  George & Linda Johnson, Evan Burnett, Art Runyan, Brenda Flaherty, Kay Bryant, Shirley Gibson, Bev Jolley, Bernice Beck, Rodney Mitchell, Bud & Julia Green, Terry & Bill & Dawn (& 3 children), Kelly & Rich Hill, Chris Beck,
Guests,  Torry Skinner (her parents & Brother)

Pledge of Allegiance
Sing “America”

Terry Skinner:
She’s attended Rainier Schools since 1st grade.  3.857 GPA, she’s #1 in her class in GPA., She’s in more than 5 clubs and President of Honor Society & SADD.  She has 350 community hours so far this year.  She’s in AP Calculus.  She wants to be an actuary for an insurance company.  She just turned in a scholarship to St. Martins and she’s been offered a scholarship to Eastern.  She works at Yelm Cinemas and babysits a lot.  She likes to read & hang out with friends.  She plays 3rd base in fast pitch. 

She raised $8,000 for a trip to Europe.  She had a great time.  She went to Italy, Greece & France.  She washed windows and did a lot of work to go on this trip.  She will have to live on St. Martins campus if she gets the $10,000 leadership scholarship on top of the $16,000 scholarship she already received.  (Benedictine scholarship.)  It’s a lot of work to pay for schooling at St. Martins.

Hope to have a positive impact on the world.  She tries to be kind and has a bubbly personality.  She enjoys volunteering.  She will continue building her community work.
Why does she deserve this scholarship?  She needs the money for school.  She hopes to make a difference in the future.

She pays for her own car repairs.  She had to have $500 set of springs to have replaced.  A friend replaced these parts and something else failed which cost a lot more in the end.  Her JEEP “Just Empty Every Pocket.”

George thanked me for making the banners and making the dinner for about 50 people!  Very nice!

Dee McDermot:  Awards to give out today –

  • Bernice Beck – Earned a letter from LCI for 15 years of membership
  • Chris Beck – Earned a letter from LCI for 15 years of membership
  • Linda Lazelle – Earned a letter from LCI for 20 years of membership
  • Art & Charlotte – Both earned letters from LCI for 20 years of membership
  • Linda Lazelle – Earned an award for “Strive for Five” award.  This is an award certificate for the appreciation for her help in building our club in the 2011- 2012 year.
  • President George Johnson – Earned a “Strive for Five” award.  He was awarded a patch to place on our club banner and pins and a certificate.

Bob Kelly and Jim LaBelle present the “Melvin Jones Award” to one of our members.  It is the greatest recognition that a Lions member can receive from the LCI.  Our clubs donations to the Melvin Jones Foundation helps fund major disaster relief around the world. 

In 2011 the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation challenged LCI to fight Measles.  LCI raised $10 million and Bill & Melinda Gates matched it with $5 million – for a total of $15M to fight measles worldwide.

Bernice and Art escorted Linda Lazelle to the front of the room to receive her Melvin Jones Award.  Linda worked from 1983 – 2007 at the Attorney General’s office.  She retired in 2007.  She’s received a lot of awards through her work and has been recognized by fellow employees & colleges. 

Linda is a charter member of the Rainier Lions Club.  She was their first secretary.  She is now the club treasurer.  She is now caring for 2 dozen baby chicks at home.  She enjoys visiting with her grandchildren and children.
George mentioned about the auction that’s coming up in April.  Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts & American Heritage Girls!

Evan had 2 pieces of cake…..3 pieces???? 

Evan said “Whatever” so Bev brought him some more cake…….

Second Announcement of New Offices for the 2013 -2014 year:
(Listed on agenda.)

The Kites will be purchased at the $1.00 store (Limit of $75.00) for the Rainier Family Fun Make Your Own Kite Day.  We plan on purchasing 50 kites.  We’ll need string and tails for the kites, too. 

Bernice Beck mentioned that there will be a bowling fundraiser by Spanapark.  This is the Spanapark Lions Club big fundraiser for the year.  The Daffodil Princesses will be there.  It’s a lot of fun. 

Bernice Beck:  We will have fundraiser at Jim Bobs Family Restaurant on Thursday May 2, 2013 from 10 – 7.  On Saturday will be at the Texaco in Rainier on May 4, 2013 from 10 – 6.  Bernice explained about what the White Cane Days is all about to our 4 new Lions Clubs.  Evan explained about the man the Rainier Lions Club provided cataract surgery for – through the NW Lions Foundation.  Bernice passed around a sign-up sheet.

“Knights for the Blind.”  Helen Kellers challenge to the Lions Clubs International.

The Dinner for Five will be held on Wednesday - May 15th, at Mr. Dougs Restaurant.  The RLC pays for dinner for the top 5 students and their parents (or guardians).  It will be a buffet.  We will guarantee 35 people will show up for dinner.  The NVN will show up.  (The RLC scholarship will be announced at graduation, though.)  Price has not been determined, yet.

There will be a special board meeting next Monday night to discuss Bluegrass Festival planning.
The Lions Clubs eradicated “River Blindness” worldwide.  It took five years to achieve this, but it has been achieved.  The Lions Clubs makes a big difference in the world. 

George mentioned the different activities that are going on in the area.

Together (Rainier Community Cares) had a CPR class a couple of weeks ago.  (You can contact Juliette Pia for more information on CPR classes.)

The Rainier Food Bank is on Wednesdays and Saturday 9 AM – Noon.  They have a clothing bank that they’ve started.  They will be an auction in the near future.  There is a family of 8 that has had a house fire.  They are gathering supplies for this family right now.

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