Monday, April 22, 2013

Meeting Minutes for April 22, 2013

MEAL 6:30-7 P.M.

Pledge of Allegiance
KL George:  PRAYER

Mother Teresa—“The miracle is not that we do this work, but that we are happy to do it.”

Henry David Thoreau-“Be not merely good; be good for something.

Members in Attendance:  Terri & Bill Rendahl, Dawn Kenney (& her 3 children), Julia & Bud Green (& their 2 children), Richard & Kelly Hill (& their 2 children), George & Linda Johnson, Brenda Flaherty, Kay Bryant, Rodney Mitchell, Bernice & Chris Beck, Evan Burnett, Linda Lazelle, Shirley Gibson & Beverly Jolley.

A special "Thank You" to all of the parents who brought their children!   
It was GREAT to have them join us!

(Note: Guest John Kirry 2nd Vice District Governor did not show up.)

Introduction:  Last meetings minutes are on the blog (online) seeing that there has been no objections George moves to have next years officers accepted.

George Next Years Officers:

Club officers
  • Pres.- George
  • V.P. Evan
  • Treas. Linda L.
  • Secretary-Brenda
  • Tail Twister-Rod
  • Lion Tamer-Kay
  • Membership Director-Bernice
  • Bulletin editor-Linda J
  • Additional board members Bud, Julia, Art R
Vote on officers has been confirmed and approved.

Scholarship applications review-vote meeting.  The vote has been postponed until the first meeting in May on the 13th.  Linda Lazelle will inform the scholarship committee on May 14th on the vote.  We have 2 candidates.  Brooke & Torrie.

White Canes – reviewed the schedule.  Bernice made a small presentation and stayed after the meeting to teach our new members about White Cane Days and how to put the white canes together.  She gave us a flyer on the Northwest Lions Foundation, too.

Update club meals $5 - We were looking for volunteers on making regularly scheduled dinners.  The suggestions were:  Meatloaf, hot turkey or beef sand, spaghetti, tacos, potato bake, casserole (Children under 12 eat free.)

Cooks for meeting dinners:
  • 1.  Taco Bar (or Meatloaf) - Linda Johnson
  • 2.  Spaghetti - Julia Green
  • 3.  Baked Potato Bar - Linda Lazelle
  • 4.  Sweet & Sour Meatballs - Kay Bryant (Linda Johnson will bring the rice)
Discussed the option of having the "Indian Fry Bread Tee-Pee" in our area at Blue Grass.  George received a phone call from the city requesting he call the vendor.  Most of the members are in favor of  doing this.  We will vote on it at the next meeting.

Trailer or Burger Stand:  we discussed whether or not to rent the Burger Den trailer from Olympia Host again this year.  It costs us $250.00 and it is hot and cramped in the trailer.  We have approval to build a stand in the park from the City of Rainier, but haven't received final approval from Thurston County.  We can use other canopies if we don't rent the trailer.

Kites April 27th and breakfast 

·        Cub & Boy scouts Table  (Bake Sale)
·        American Heritage Girls & Scouts information booths

Silent auction-April 27th
  • BBQ Grill
  • Many people brought donations tonight.
  • Several members will bring donations on Saturday
PPN update - George and Evan made a presentation to Centralia Lions Club.  Julia Green spoke about her first visitation with Bud to the Centralia Lions Club with Evan & George.  She said it was nice to meet new people and visit another club.  It's sad to learn that another club isn't doing so great, but they are going to sell our Peaches, Pears & Nectarines.

Dinner for 5 update - Bonnie Zimmerman is sending out invitations to the school leaders.

Road clean up  May 11th/  We will meet in the parking lot at the Rainier Chapel at 9:00 Am.

Beverly Jolley updated us on donation letters that she's written to get support for Blue Grass and the PR work she is doing.  Linda Johnson will write the Daily Olympian and send out letters to all of the Country Radio Stations in the area to ask them to promote our Blue Grass Festival again this year.

There is an ad in the about our Blue Grass Festival and Rainier Round-up Days. It mentions a street dance on Saturday night.  George contacted the Rainier Historical Society, Mayor of Rainier & Superintendent of Rainier Public Schools.  No one knows anything about a Street Dance or Block Party.  No one knows who placed the ad.  The Sportsman's Club is planning a dance on the Friday of the Blue Grass Festival weekend, but not on Saturday.  


City Council meets 2nd & 4th Tues. at 7:00 PM

Senior Center Lunch:  Mon & Wed at noon $2.50 each

Together:  1st & 2nd Wed 5 PM City Hall

Rainier Food Bank: Food available Wed & Sat 9 – 12


APR 27 or 28: Kites with Cub Scouts
Rainier Community Cares

White canes
MAY 2:  at Jim Bob’s Chuck Wagon
MAY 4:  at Texaco station

MAY 4:  Olympia Host Waffle Breakfast

MAY 11:  Road Clean up meet 9 AM @ the Rainier Chapel parking lot

June 6-12-25: Secretary Training  (Choice of dates)

Peaches Pears & Nectarines

Bluegrass Festival

Support Our:

Rainier Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts
American Heritage Girls!

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