Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Rainier Family Fun Day Pictures

Rainier Family Fun Day was a HUGE SUCCESS.  WOW!  What a turnout!  We had over 40 children attend - plus their parents & some brought their grandparents!  

Thank you all for coming!  We saw many smiling faces!

Scouts served their families breakfast starting at 8 AM.

The hungry scouts devour pancakes, sausage & scrambled eggs.  A special "Thank You" goes out to Jim & Cindi McIntire for helping cook breakfast & lunch!  They will be cooking at their upcoming Scott Lake Fishing Derby the first weekend in June!  (Scott Lake in Olympia/Lacey)

The Scouts Bake Sale gets started in the front of the Rainier Chapel - with lots of help and home baked goodies!

Julia Green & her daughter Gracie brings her home baked treats!  Yummy!

The Scouts hold up signs to get customers to come to their bake sale!

Our friends from the Rainier Senior Center arrive for breakfast!  Thank you for joining us!  We invited them last Wednesday during lunch at the Rainier Senior Center.  They serve lunch for $2.50 every Monday and Wednesday at noon.  

Items in the Rainier Lions Club Silent Auction.  There is a garden bridge & 4 oak pressed back chairs in back on the left hand side of the picture.

The wooden bird feeder and wooden planters were a hit!

Kay Bryant donated several Pampered Chef items.  They were a terrific hit!  People kept bidding against each other for the mini-muffin pans and the baking rack!  WOW!

HOMER DOGS started being served at 1:00 PM.  They were tasty!

Rodney Mitchell joins George Johnson for lunch.

People are lining up for Homer Dogs!

New member - Bill Rendahl goes outside to check out the kite area.

Mom serves Gracie and grandma watches her as Gracie eats her Home Dog.


George and Juliette - from Together & Rainier Community Cares.  These two organizations provided the food served by Scouts #307 for breakfast & lunch.  Juliette's groups also provided the kite kits & free books for all of the children who came to Rainier Family Fun Day!

Goodies at the bake sale.  Dawn Kenny and her mother Terri Rendahl.

Full house!

Rodney Mitchell talks about the Rainier Lions Club.

Juliette Pia talks about Together & Rainier Community Cares.  She announces that she has free books for the children.  She has quite a large selection of books for them to choose from.

Children start making kites & putting together the kite kits.

Hester with the basket of home baked goodies for the bake sale.

Flying kites before the rain comes.....

Boy Scout master Bob.

George helping children with their kites.

The kite making saga continues inside the Rainier Chapel....

Neal joins us for lunch.  Thank you for coming Neal!

Let's Go Fly a Kite.  Rodney is the biggest kid of them all!  

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