Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Minutes for Rainier Lions Club Meeting April 8, 2013

Attended:  Evan Burnett, George & Linda Johnson, Bernice Beck, Linda Lazelle, Brenda Flaherty, Bud Green, Rod Mitchel, Art Runyan,   (Julia Green, Kelly & Rich Hill, Terri & Bill Rendahl & Dawn were at the Boosters Club Meeting for Rainier Public Schools.  Kay Bryant had another function to attend.)

Meeting started at 7:00 PM

Sang:  America


“What you are is Gods gift to you; what you become is your gift to God”-Anthony Dalla Villa
“Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for kindness “—Seneca

KL George Johnson read the officers for the third time at this meeting:

2013-2014 club officers posting:

Vice President-Evan
Treasurer-Linda L
Lion Tamer-Kay
Secretary- Brenda
Tail twister- Rod
Membership Director- Bernice
Bulletin Editor (blog) -Linda J
Additional board members-Bud, Julia, Art

1- Review committees and chairs  (George has this list.)

2- Scholarship  applications review-vote next meeting

3-Club meals $5-$10 Tonight's dinner was beef stroganof, carrots and chocolate cake - made by Brenda Flaherty.  Linda Johnson will make the dinner for the meeting on April 22, 2013.    (Some ideas for dinners are:  Meatloaf, beef stroganof, hot turkey sand, spaghetti, tacos, casserole, split pea soup.)

4 cooks for meeting dinners

5-Club call person - Linda Lazelle isn't sure if Chris Fantion wants to renew his membership in the Rainier Lions Club, so Linda L will call to remind people for next meeting.

6-kites April 27th and breakfast

7-silent auction-April 27th - no one offered any donation suggestions

8-white canes update Bernice updated us on white canes.  We will have the white canes at the next meeting, so people can learn about white cane days and how to put the canes together.

9-Dinner for 5 update - Torrie and her family will not be able to attend as they are going to a "Together" function on that day.  There will only be four students and their parents.  We will be inviting Tim Garchow this year.  Dinner will be an all you can eat "Taco Bar" at Mr. Doug's in Yelm on May 25th at 6:00 PM.
Brenda F. will take invitations to the people at the school, so they will be notified.
10. PPN visitation will be made by George J., Evan Burnett and Bernice Beck next Monday in Centralia, so there will not be a board meeting on April 15th.

11-Road clean up  May 11th.  We will all meet at the Rainier Chapel at 9:00 AM.

12- Update on Boy scouts and American Heritage Girls.  We now have 20 Cub Scouts, 9 Boy Scouts and    9 American Heritage Girls.

13 - George Johnson has called, emailed and texted Victoria Fanton - but he's received no response from her.  She is our Membership Retention Director and Tail Twister.  She hasn't attended a meeting in several months.  We've received the Tail Twister items from her.  (She gave them to Brenda Flaherty, who turned them over to George.)  We will give them to Rodney M., so he can "Twist Tails."

14 - Art & Charlotte Runyon will not be at this years Blue Grass festival.  (They are going to one in Eastern WA.)  We discussed not renting the Burger Den this year, but will either set up a cooking area under the covered part of the park, or set up canopy's to work under.  We will borrow a trailer to lock up the equipment at night.  We have a small refrigerator that can be used for keeping cheese, etc. cold.  We will buy canned pop just before July 4th when it is on sale.  Bev Jolley has already started sending out donation letters and is starting on the PR for Bluegrass.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:46.

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